Links and Toons is published now and then and is a collection of comments, commentary and links pointing to news, articles, opinions and cartoons that expose and poke fun at the faulty logic, failures, and incredible ignorance and arrogance of liberals and liberalism.

The fundamental conflict between liberalism and an equitable society is that it holds itself out to be the champion of "rights" on behalf of American citizens. IT ISN'T! Liberalism fails the test of "equality for everyone" when it defines itself that way for when it works to benefit a particular group it, by its very own definition, works to EXCLUDE anyone not in the group to be favored.

Consider for a moment the proposition that if a proposal would be good for a particular group it would also be good for everyone, and no one would be excluded. What a concept!

We make no apologies for what you will find on this web site. We are not Republicans, not Democrats, and not Libertarians. We are decidedly conservative and believe in the rights of the individual as outlined in The United States Constitution. As long as the rights of the individual are supported and held to be supreme then there is no need to consider special rights or favors for groups for they would already have them.

That's why this web site exists............ to oppose the liberal politics of exclusion.

NOTE: The older the listing below the more likely it is that the links to the cartoons may no longer work. That's because they point to image files which take up a lot more storage space on servers than do text files. Their hosts therefore often delete them after a period of time.


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