OCTOBER 20, 2006


The Liberal Democrats have adopted the slogan "The Common Good" as their mantra to help win the upcoming elections.  Keep in mind that phrase is the basis for communist philosophy and it justifies stepping on the rights of individuals in the name of groups. 

Consider this.  If a certain law or provision is thought to be good and it is enacted AND IS APPLIED EQUALLY TO ALL PEOPLE AS INDIVIDUALS then there is no need to consider groups because they will already be receiving its benefits.  A benefit applied only to certain groups is a value to politicians only because IT EXCLUDES ANYONE NOT A MEMBER OF THE GROUP.  It then enables the politician to say to the group, "see what I did for you."  However, such actions are not inclusive, they are exclusive... they are divisive.  Politicians engaging in such actions are an anathema to a free society.

There are reports circulating that the liberals are trying to raise $250 million to win majorities in Congress in a few weeks.  That is a huge war chest.

However!  Conservatives amount to about 61% of the voting age public.  That means that if conservatives will just take the time to get out and vote that huge liberal campaign war chest will turn out to be worthless.  If you are apprehensive about a liberal takeover of our government (and you should be) then you must resolve to get out and vote in the upcoming elections, AND YOU MUST GET ALL OF YOUR CONSERVATIVE ACQUAINTANCES TO DO THE SAME.  It's important!  Very important.  Do it!  Some people are saying they are not happy with the current administration and for that reason they are not going to vote this time to show the Republicans their displeasure.  THAT IS INSANE as it will help insure a liberal victory.

Another point to be considered.  If the Liberal Democrats win majorities in Congress then some of the most liberal politicians in Washington will hold the top posts and be in control of the Congressional Committees.  That prospect should scare the hell out of anyone who is a conservative.



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