MARCH 30, 2007

Dems first voted to deny you legal protection for reporting suspicious Muslims, then backed down:

Here's the list of Dems who first voted to deny you your rights:

Abercrombie (HI),    Ackerman (NY),    Allen (ME),    Baca (CA),    Baldwin (WI),    Becerra (CA),    Berman (CA),    Berry (AR),    Bishop (GA),    Blumenauer (OR),    Brady (PA),    Brown  Corrine (FL),    Butterfield (NC),    Capps (CA),    Capuano (MA),    Castor (KS),    Clarke (NY),    Clay (MO),    Cleaver (MO),    Clyburn (SC),    Conyers (MI),    Crowley (NY),    Cummings (MD),    Davis (AL),    Davis (IL),    DeGette (CO),    Delahunt (MA),    DeLauro (CT),    Dingell (MI),    Doggett (TX),    Ellison (MN),    Engel (NY),    Eshoo (CA),    Farr (CA),    Fattah (PA),    Filner (CA),    Frank (MA),    Gonzalez (TX),    Green  Al (TX),    Grijalva (AZ),    Gutierrez (IL),    Harman (NY),    Hastings (FL),    Hinchey (NY),    Hirono (HI),    Holt (NJ),    Honda (CA),    Hoyer (MD),    Inslee (WA),    Israel (NY),    Jackson (IL),    Jackson-Lee (TX),    Jefferson (LA),    Johnson (GA),    Johnson  E. B.(TX),    Kaptur (OH),    Kennedy (MA),    Kilpatrick (MI),    Kucinich (OH),    Langevin (RI),    Larsen (WA),    Larson (CT),    Lee (NE),    Lewis (GA),    Loebsack (IA),    Lofgren  Zoe (CA),    Lowey (NY),    Maloney (NY),    Markey (MA),    Matsui (CA),    McCarthy (NY),    McCollum (MN),    McDermott (WA),    McGovern (MA),    Meehan (MA),    Meeks (NY),    Michaud (ME),    Miller (NC),    Miller  George (CA),    Moore (WI),    Nadler (NY),    Napolitano (CA),    Neal (MA),    Oberstar (MN),    Olver (MA),    Pallone (NJ),    Pascrell (NJ),    Pastor (AZ),    Payne (NJ),    Price (NC),    Rahall (WV),    Rangel (NY),    Rodriguez (TX),    Rothman (NJ),    Roybal-Allard (CA),    Rush (IL),    Sánchez  Linda T. (CA),    Sanchez  Loretta (CA),    Sarbanes (MD),    Schakowsky (IL),    Scott (GA),    Scott (VA),    Serrano (NY),    Sires (NJ),    Slaughter (NY),    Stark (CA),    Sutton (OH),    Tauscher (CA),    Thompson (CA),    Tierney (MA),    Towns (NY),    Van Hollen (MD),    Velázquez (NY),    Wasserman Schultz (FL),    Waters (CA),    Watson (CA),    Watt (NC),    Welch (VT),    Wexler (FL),    Woolsey (CA),    Wynn (MD).

Could the kidnapping of the 15 British sailors be a case of "testing the waters?"

Bomb the Marine barracks and the US does............................ Nothing!
Attack the USS Cole and the US does................................Nothing!

If these were a testing of the waters to see what the US would do in response to being attacked then isn't it logical to conclude that the 9/11 terrorists believed the US wouldn't do much in response to what happened that day?

Unfortunately backing down from any effort to defeat terrorism only increases the likelihood we will be attacked again because it sends a message to the terrorist groups that they can hit us without suffering serious consequences in return.

Democrat Senators vote to promote the aims of Al Qaeda:

Pelosi gets it wrong (again):

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