MAY 2, 2007

Congress blocking new domestic oil production:

Our taxes subsidize terrorist propaganda and Holocaust denial in the Arab world:

High fuel prices - government is a big culprit:

Liberal education indoctrinating students instead of teaching independent original thinking:

Dems moving further and further to the left:

The real culprit is:

Why we MUST NOT quit:

Lessons to keep in mind:

Can government reduce poverty?:

Liberal blogs exposed:

Homeowners rebellion:

From the UK - Hillary's phony resume' :

Should the US engage in terrorist profiling?:

Dems delay of war funding may cause servicemen's pay cut:,13319,133428,00.html?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has said the war in Iraq is lost.  If that is so........:,15202,133670,00.html

COMMENT:  It isn't a "civil war" in Iraq, folks.  There are 16 provinces in Iraq and as an Army Captain told me, "in 14 of those 16 our troops now walk around all day unarmed.  Only in the greater Baghdad area is there a problem."  Also, if it is a civil war then why are so many of the bombers in Baghdad from Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia?

California Hotel replaces Gideon Bibles in its rooms with Al Gore's global warming book An Inconvienient Truth:

In some cases school choice saves lives:

Muslim attitudes around the world toward the USA:

It's 1970 all over again:

The Dem plan for Iraq - Cut and Run - there is no other way to describe it:,4670,DemocratsIraqGlance,00.html

Appeasers then and now.  They never seem to "get it.":  See