MAY 29, 2007

Liberal politicians say they support the troops but oppose the war.  Funny, but the troops themselves overwhelmingly say that's not possible, and they say that saying things like that only helps the enemy.  Unfortunately politicians who make that statement are doing so solely for the most despicable of reasons, political gain....  and even though those politicians may understand the consequences of their statements they do so with total disregard for the harm they cause to our troops:

A thought on the first step to take in solving the illegal immigration problem.  if employers were to be fined, say, $50,000, for every illegal alien they hired then the problem of finding and deporting 11 million (or is it 20 million) illegals would not be a problem.  If an illegal could not find work in the USA he would of necessity have to return to the country where he came from.  We don't have to find them, only take away the economic incentive for them to be here.

More flag burning and desecration:

Nice kitty:

It's global warming don't ya know:,,2-2007230784,00.html

The Liberal Campaign trail:

What conservative media:

USA shale oil reserves can supply us for a century, at about $30/bbl.... if we develop them:

Government run Social Security - racing to the precipice:

Media's Negative Portrayal of Our Military is Easily Refuted:

Criminals no longer fear cops: