MAY 31, 2007

Uncaring Liberals:

Considering the unthinkable:

Congressional accomplishments under Nancy Pelosi's Democrats:

Discriminating against males:

Does Al Qaeda plan nuclear attacks on the USA?  I'm not sure I believe what these two articles have to say, BUT, I think in view of Al Qaeda history it would be unwise to discount them:

Notes from Tal Afar Iraq:

City of Raleigh, NC, tells store owners they have too many American flags.... take some down:

Alpha Moms vs Beta Moms:

Woman charges $5.25 purchase at Post Office.  Receives bill for
$4,719,449,550,662 (must have been in Washington DC):

High school students required to attend assembly where they were advised to have sex and experiment with drugs:

Words! (Thomas Sowell nails it):

Al Qaeda warning of attacks "worse than 9/11."  Claims, "You are losing on all fronts big time." (and that claim is the direct result of statements and actions made by Democrat party politicians here in the USA....... is that then not proof that the Dems have been committing treason?):

The "pay gap":

The irrefutable logic of Milton Friedman:

Liberal Pyromaniacs:

Couch potato men??????:

Mexico's treatment of Miss USA: