JULY 28, 2007

Do you really want a liberal in charge?  Keep this in mind when you vote.....

"We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good." -  Hillary Rodham Clinton  6/28/2004

A little over ten years ago in New Jersey, Jim Florio, a liberal Democrat, was elected Governor.  In a bid to gain favor with the electorate by giving them "more" from the government Florio and a Democratic legislature pushed through a disastrous tax hike which doubled higher-end income-tax rates, raised other income-tax rates, and punched up the sales tax. He was hissed and booed by the people; his approval rating slid down to 18 per cent.

The economic results were just what Ronald Reagan would have predicted:
>>> Florio's projected $2.8-billion "revenue increase" from higher taxes turned out to be a paltry $700 to $800 million, 75% less than promised.
>>> 300,000 jobs were lost, driving the state's unemployment rate to second-highest in the nation (though it has recently dropped slightly).
>>> New Jersey had previously had a large share of truck sales in the region; after the sales tax kicked in, annual sales dropped by about 75 per cent, as out-of-state buyers stayed out of state and locals went out-of-state to buy their pickups.   In the first sixty days following the tax hike there were only two pickup trucks sold in the whole state of New Jersey as buyers went to neighboring states.
>>> Businesses closed or fled, leaving New Jersey to underperform Clinton's anemic national economy for the next two years. 

Only when the New Jersey legislature repealed the tax hikes did things begin to improve.

I suggest to you that Hillary Clinton's statement about "the common good," if put into practice as she envisions it, would do for our nation the same thing that Democrat Jim Florio did for New Jersey, AND, since statements regarding taxes and the economy made by every one of the current Democrat Presidential candidates amount to an identical economic philosophy the same can also be said about them.

Without exception the current liberal candidates economic philosophy is to do anything that will get them votes and to hell with the consequences.

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