AUGUST 2, 2007

Did you know that primarily because of the rules and regulations, and financial disincentives put in place mainly by Liberal Democrats, there has not been a new gasoline refinery built in the USA in over 30 years, AND, because of the restricted refining capacity that now exists we are actually importing refined gasoline from overseas.

The anti oil industry environmentalists continue to oppose new drilling ventures in ANWAR and off all our coasts, BUT, when was the last time you heard or read about an oil well blowout, or oil spill, in the US?  Think about it!  Such things cost the oil companies huge amounts of money in clean up expense and compensation and it therefore only makes sense that they have worked to reduce the likelihood of such occurrences.  Thanks to anti oil spill technology that naturally gets better and better we haven't had a serious spill in the US in years and years.  The environmentalists are just plain wrong when they point to the record of the past as being the risks we would face with new drilling in the future.

Did you know that for every 10¢ of profit oil companies make on gasoline that governments at all levels collect 62¢ in taxes?:

Tax receipts way, way up all over the country, many places have budget surpluses, BUT, instead of looking for ways to reduce tax burden politicians are spending it faster and looking for new ways to use it (sheeesh):

Security of electronic voting machine data apparently poor:

Medical team awakens man after six years in a coma:

We're winning in Iraq and it's CNN who says so:

Sounds fishy to me:;_ylt=AgVXyZ22jocarjqcEjBy6oISH9EA

Sean Penn buddy-buddy with Hugo Chavez:

Mexican agents who cooperated with US in seizure of drugs and $205 million in cash are found beaten and murdered:;_ylt=Ajy98Ga21okekW11lQnFWOEDW7oF

Smoking pot much more dangerous than suspected:

I thought I saw a........:

World mood is up; support for suicide bombing down:

Congress to the American public, "we know better than you do....":

It is NOT about race:

Universities suppressing conservative ideas and promoting liberal ones:

The question Harry Reid refuses to answer:

The American Media - Lying by omission: