AUGUST 7, 2007

Liberal NYC government pays for t-shirts promoting "intifada" in NYC (no kidding):

Support for "surge" continues to grow:

Purposeful divisiveness:{1B19D372-EFF6-4F8A-86EF-24FFE3463F69}

The Daily KOS - some things you need to know:

Ex-Clinton Official Ties Minneapolis Bridge Collapse To Global Warming (no kidding):

Dems literally steal votes in the House:

Muslim murders newspaper editor for dis-ing Muslim bakery:

Comparing public vs private education:

New Republic Magazine's "Shock Troops" article found to be a fabrication:

John Edwards a phony?:

Abolish gasoline taxes - Cato Institute:

The Daily KOS - stifiling opposing opinions:

Ramos and Compean - update:

Against their will firefighters forced to participate in Gay Pride Parade: