AUGUST 10, 2007

This shows lack of experience and it is dangerous.  You should NEVER announce what you would and wouldn't do when facing an enemy:,CST-NWS-ob03.article

Muslim activist murders journalist in Oakland (this isn't race related, folks, it was done by Muslim extremists):

$50 billion transportation bill had $2 billion in pork barrel earmarked projects.  Not one penny for collapsed Minneapolis bridge that was rated as "poor condition": 

Wife kicks husband out of house seven years ago.  He moved his car to his back yard and has been living there ever since:

Terrorist Sympathizer Tossed from Homeland Security Panel:

Most terrorists in Iraq NOT Iraq citizens:

Ski resort's 'Impeach Bush' vote backfires:

Undesirable effects of illegal immigration:

US winning in Iraq would be a huge loss for liberal Democrats:     This is the website that hosted the online broadcast of last night's Democrat  candidate's debate.  It is a homosexual web site and it is owned by Viacom (CBS).  WARNING - click down a couple of pages and you will find out this is also a porno website...... very porno.  (go to Google and enter the words "viacom" and "porno" to get an idea of how deeply Viacom is involved in porno activities.

Teaching communism to the very young:

Time to get involved again.  Liberals pushing to do what you already told then NOT to do:

Liberals DO NOT support our military (even though they may think they do):