AUGUST 17, 2007

Info to pass along to your kids and grandkids.  A large percentage of companies (especially larger ones) are checking out UTube, My Space, and similar web sites looking to see if applicants for employment with their companies have posted info about themselves online.  They are even checking info on other people if their applicant's web pages refer to other people as friends or someone they admire, like or respect.  This means people should be very thoughtful and careful about what they post and say on their personal web pages.  It could mean the loss of a job offer if the employer doesn't like what they see online.


Liberal incompetence in military affairs - - - - “The only thing this surge will accomplish is a surge of more death and destruction.” That was the prediction of blogger and anti-war activist Arianna Huffington in December of last year. - - - - "I believe ... that this war is lost, and this surge is not accomplishing anything.” That was the judgment of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in April. - - - -

Muslim cab driver refuses to transport blind man with guide dog:

Hot questions for Americans:

Global warming?  Nope!  Global cooling:

Global warming environmentalists.  How extreme can they be?:

Global warming computer models can't account for clouds.  Answer - ignore them:

When you vote remember this:

Islamic fundamentalists.  How extreme can they be? (from 2002):

Denigrating the USA:

Karl Rove learned from the FDR campaigns:

The two-faced John Edwards:

Caught lying again.  Anti military articles, and blogs:

Something we need to change:

Illegal aliens in the USA more dangerous to Americans than Al Qaeda is to soldiers in Iraq:

A look at Canadian health care:

Dems questioning truthfulness of General Petraeus' report (before it has been released and before they know what it will say):

When the truth doesn't matter.  Take note that over 90% of them are liberal Democrats:

"The leadership of the Democratic Party has, by their public words this spring, disgraced themselves for a generation. Republicans have the right -- and the duty -- to engrave in the public mind the springtime Democratic perfidy and cowardice in the face of the enemy." - Der Spiegel (Germany):

Reasons to defeat Hillary:

Commiting crimes with oysters...... only in Texas:

Hillary's basic philosophy, "there is only one way...... mine:"

Cost government paid to ship two 19-cent washers to Texas?; almost a million dollars:

Canadian couple goes to hospital in Great Falls, Montana, for birth of identical quadruplets because hospital in Calgary has no room for them (socialized medicine.... remember?):

The social collectivist VS the individual:

A North American Union???:

Middle and High School students will be taught to celebrate homosexuality:

Poll results - media is not trustworthy:

Taxation insanity:

More liberal bias: