Gun control laws make people safer?  Nope!  Just the opposite:

Criminal: adj. One that has committed or been legally convicted of a crime. American Heritage Dictionary.
Now keep that definition in mind as you read the headline from an editorial from an Indianapolis newspaper:

The west preaches hatred!  Muslims must stand up - headline of an article in a Tunisian newspaper:

Well, duh:

Thomas Sowell at his best:

For $2 million you can get this car:

Democrat presidential candidate John Edwards wants government universal health care and a law to FORCE you to get government provided preventative health care:

Environmental restrictions on constructing new electric generating plants still causing supply problems in California:

China breeches Pentagon computers:

Dems and Hollywood libs still disrespecting our troops:

Iraq revolting against Al Qaeda (lengthly but worth it):

Extraordinary acts of valor:,0,3015871.story?coll=la-opinion-center

What the troops are saying:

Dr Laura helps raise over $500,000 for needy military families:

Read this.... and pay particular attention to the last paragraph:

Bad for America = good for Democrats:,_its_good_for_democrats?page=full&comments=true