SEPTEMBER 17, 2007


Indianapolis "Medal of Honor" memorial dafaced, damaged:

Army recruiting center attacked, defaced:

ROTC Center vandalized:

An article praising and supporting the protestors:

San Francisco - M
ural depicting 9/11 flight attendant defaced:

Vietnam Wall Memorial vandalized:

Left is claiming the wall was damaged by "Reichies," in order to embarass the anti-war movement (no kidding):

How Kerry and Fonda caused our defeat in Vietnam.  THIS SHOULD BE THE LESSON WHEN THE MEDIA REFERENCES VIETNAM:

Dear Politician - a soldier sez:

Is this cartoon offensive to our military?:

Barbara Boxer's example of Supporting the Troops:

Dems refuse to criticize Move On. Org:

Other sad liberal statements and actions:

Dems pushing immigration reform.... AGAIN !!!  (sheeeesh):

YOU'D BETTER BE PREPARED.  Forgetting all other government spending, through the end of the century the total cost of government Medicare obligations alone will exceed the total wealth of the nation (don't you just LOVE liberal programs):

"When I'm president, privatization is off the table because it's not the answer to anything."
Hillary Rodham Clinton - on the subject of government health care - September 3, 2007 AARP Legislative Conference.

"Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself." -- Mark Twain:

The US Constitution must not be a "living document" that can be made to say whatever we want it to say, like some liberals suggest.  If it is not unchanging, set in concrete, and immutable, then it is worthless:

Liberal, Chico, California, 'History' teacher asks 14-year-olds to renounce U.S. citizenship: