NOVEMBER 19, 2007

Schools turning Thanksgiving into a "time of mourning":

Their mission statement is an example of blatant racism.  Note its six goals and how its efforts are not directed at "all students," only "students of color":

Orson Scott Card on global warming:

Hillary Clinton has said her global warming solution would cost $150 billion over 10 years and that one-third would be financed from the establishment of a $50 billion Strategic Energy Fund paid for by oil companies (which you and I would pay for it in the form of ever higher and higher fuel prices):

Want to make $1,000,000?  Prove the Swiftboaters wrong:

Another fine example of government universal health care:

Some comments on Ron Paul.  I knew him personally around 35 years ago and was impressed with his integrity.  But, something has changed.  If nothing else, he seems to be getting bad advice from his campaign advisors.  Others see the same thing:

Maybe the time isn't right for a libertarian answer:

US military now has heat ray weapon:;jsessionid=G5PIWL5M5BXU5QFIQMGSFF4AVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/18/wdenial218.xml

Ultra weird half-man, half-tree:

Hey, you liberals out there.  Why wait?  Do it now:

Saying "thanks" to our troops:

Using tax money to fund radicals:

Shining the liberal spotlight on the 1%........ ignoring the rest:

Teaching in an inner city school in a school district run by liberals:

This is good: