NOVEMBER 21, 2007

"In questions of power let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution." -- Thomas Jefferson -- The Kentucky Resolutions, 1798

Income statistics.  The real numbers:

The global warming business..... a very big business:

Prison inmates being released after serving shorter and shorter terms:;_ylt=AgMZ7cmDQkz53.Mf6pRYjDZZ.3QA

It's about time:

Good news from Iraq:

Liberal "diversity" indoctrination:

Hillary Clinton says merit pay for teachers who produce top performing students is "a bad idea:"

University ignores state law:

In Wisconsin home schooled students are doing better than students in public schools, but state attorney says, "that's irrelevant:"

Islamic school in Virginia teaching "hate America", is allowed to continue:

Teacher in Chico, California, asks 14 year old students and their parents to renounce their US citizenship:

Teaching communism in Seattle:

CBS broadcast bogus stats about vets (so, what else is new?):

All our protections, as individuals, are derived from the US Constitution.  Some liberals want to scrap it:

Patriots vs. Politicians:

Scandal Brewing!  Every one of the people in the audience that CNN called upon to ask questions of the candidates at the most recent Democrat debates turn out to be Democrat party operatives; not "ordinary people, undecided voters" as CNN described them:

What next?:

Parents!  Maybe you should block the Nickelodeon cable tv channel:

.... and maybe this web site too.  It's supposed to be for young kids:

On Thanksgiving Day, be thankful for such men:

Iraqis returning to their homes:

No license plates will get you pulled over every time (funny):

America could learn a thing or two from Texas:

The Ramos and Compean affair.  The stench gets stronger:

The Democrats are still trying to defund the military.  Here's how:

"Islam - the religion of peace" (Web Site) a huge compendium on the record of radical Islam:

United Nations planning group proposes moving control of internet to the UN:

Stem cell breakthrough may end controversy:

Why we almost didn't have a Thanksgiving (the real lesson to tell to the young):


From Mexico: