FEBRUARY 18, 2008

"We repose an unwise confidence in any government, or in any men, when we invest them officially with too much, or an unnecessary quantity of, discretionary power; for though we might clearly confide in almost any man of the present age, yet we ought to ever remember that virtue is not hereditary either in the office or in the persons." -- Thomas Paine, A Serious Address to the People of Pennsylvania, 1778

COMMENT:  I received an email the other day asking where I was getting all the quotations from our countries Founding Fathers.  They are from a little book titled, "The Quotable Founding Fathers."  I have been sending them along because it is clear that our Founding Fathers had learned lessons of life, freedom, and government that are applicable to what we face today.  It would behove us to learn from their experience, rather than having to learn from our own experience those same hard won truths.  Unfortunately today's secondary and university students get no education in civics, and little in history, and it therefore may be that this country may have to relearn them from personal experience, if this country and its original ideals are to survive.

COMMENT:  Who would Reagan vote for?  We seem to be hearing that question a lot recently.  We also seem to be hearing a lot of people say they are unhappy with John McCain and therefore would vote for the Democrat, or not vote at all.  But, the answer to the question has been settled once and for all by Michael Reagan (President Reagan's son who was present for all of his fathers political career).  Michael Reagan says it was his father's philosophy to always vote for his party's candidate no matter what his personal feelings were.  It also looks like there is something else at work in the current campaign.  There are indications that it is the liberals who have been promoting the idea of conservatives not voting, or voting Democrat, if they are not satisfied with McCain's record.  The history of liberal campaign tactics is such that it is entirely believable that they would try to convince conservatives to do that.  It is in our best interests as conservatives to adopt Ronald Reagan's philosophy and vote for McCain in November.  http://www.reagan.com/column.cfm?id=55


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