MARCH 3, 2008

"It is part of the American character to consider nothing as desperate; to surmount every difficulty by resolution and contrivance.  In Europe there are shops for every want.  Its inhabitants therefore have no idea that their wants can be furnished otherwise.  Remote from all other aid, we are obliged to invent and to execute; to find means within ourselves, and not to lean on others." -- Thomas Jefferson, letter to Martha Jefferson, 1787


British government to businesses, "give us your profits:"

Shades or Orwell's 1984.  California to homeschoolers, "NO, your kids must attend government schools:"

Hillary campaign policy materials:

President Clinton helped Representative William Jefferson (D - La) set up his scam:

Obama squeaky clean?  Hardly!:

U.S. went to Iraq to get their oil?  That's what the liberals say.  But they're wrong:

Congress repeals tax breaks for 5 major US oil companies, BUT, keeps them for Citgo:

The Clinton and Obama campaigns were asked to say why their candidate was qualified to be Commander in Chief.  Click on the "clinton and obama" link to hear their response.

More Americans getting their news from the web as opposed to radio, tv and newspapers:

Unruly kids?  A solution that worked:

Anti-American, Anti-Christian, Islamic schools growing in the USA:

Failures in universal healthcare - the Canadian version discussed by a Canadian newspaper:

Both Democrat candidates are making proposals that would enact mandated participation.  What happens when you elect to not participate in a government mandated program?  Force, that's what.  Do you like that idea?:

A Texas Granny and her gun (and you can bet she knew how to use it too):

Texas vs Ohio - a conservative state vs a liberal state - what works and what doesn't:

Keep in mind that cars get fewer MPG with ethanol than with gasoline.  It's not an equal trade off:

Another reason ethanol is a bad idea:

The Democrats embrace Marxism:

World peace and spaghetti:

Virginia votes to end taxpayer funding of abortion provider Planned Parenthood: