MARCH 5, 2008

"Experience constantly teaches that new members of a public body do not feel the necessary respect or responsibility for the acts of their predecessors, and that a change of members and of circumstances often proves fatal to (the) consistency and stability of public measures." -- James Madison (1751-1836), Notes on Debates, January 6, 1783


Press corps accommodations:

Added cost would drive many out of business, or out of country:

Public believes McCain over the New York Times story by a 2 to 1 margin:

Democrat distorted claims about McCain fail the truth test; and they live in their own glass house.  Details from the Annenburg Public Policy Center (with documentation):

Obama's economics of fear:

Obama's proposals same-o, same-o, nothing new.  They all amount to bigger government, more taxes, or both..... the same liberal line we have heard for the last 60 years:

Muslim men divorcing their wives via text messages:

Eat a whale, save the planet:

Ethanol as a fuel, the other side of the coin:

A flight you wouldn't have wanted to be on (watch the left wingtip):

Seems that not much has changed in Washington in the last 150 years (see the paragraph titled "prostitution"):

Who do Americans like?:

2/3 of Americans say traditional journalism "out of touch":

Bad news for liberals:

A look at Hillary by a former Clinton insider:

Just like the scorpion, it's their nature: