MARCH 7, 2008

Schools promoting homosexuality?:

Oprah Winfrey promoting "A new age Christ", which appears to be an attempt to destroy traditional Christianity:

Sea levels to fall, not rise:

Predictions from last year for winter 2007-2008 (so much for global warming):

Not enough minorities in school "gifted students" programs?  That's okay, we will just declare more minorities with lower test scores as "gifted:"

Schools prosecuting 5 year olds for kissing (no kidding):

Bill Clinton blocking release of papers from Clinton library that give details of Presidential pardons he made:

"Party knows no impulse but spirit, no prize but victory.  It is blind to truth, and hardened against conviction.  It seeks to justify error by perseverance, and denies to its own mind the operation of its own judgement.  A man under the tyranny of party spirit is the greatest slave upon earth, for none but himself can deprive him of the freedom of thought." -- Thomas Paine, To the oppressors of the Bank, 1787

(sounds a lot like today's liberals, doesn't it?)


Parental Supervision During High School May Curb College Drinking Problems:

Maybe Moby Dick wasn't entirely fiction:

About the MQ-1 Predator (unmanned aerial vehicle):

Obama, "US is a bully."  Ms Obama, "US is just downright mean":

Christian photographer in New Mexico brought before Human Rights Commission for refusing a request to take pictures at a homosexual "commitment ceremony:"

Re the bombing of the Times Square military recruiting station.  There has been outrage from the right and from the center.  To hear what the left has had to say about this incident click here ( :

A Hee Haw memory: