MARCH 18, 2008

The public cannot be too curious concerning the characters of public men -- Samuel Adams, Letter to James Warren, 1775


Now let me get this straight.  First we hire some Mexican illegals who can't speak English.  The we fire some supervisors because they can't speak Spanish to the illegals.  Yeah, that's it.

A person with absolute no military experience or training says, "we cannot win in Iraq."  That's great for the troops to hear isn't it:

The Trinity United Church of Christ web site:

Supreme Court to review anti-gun law in DC:,0,5457101,full.story

What would happen if every household was armed?

Ice melting and seals vanishing (in 1922):

Request leg surgery, get a colostomy.  Government health care at work:

Verizon loses dead wife's message:,2933,338388,00.html

Save $4,291.01:

Statement from a conservative:

Two faced?:

The history of taxation in America (a lengthy article you should read):

This is an article on US casualties in Iraq.  Note that it was probably written by liberals as a "hit piece" because the same number of casualties in Vietnam happened in only days.... and in WW2 in only minutes during the Normandy invasion.  It should be seen as an affirmation of our success, but isn't:

Clinton and Obama tax increases:

Whatever happened to "All American?:"

How close were Obama and Wright?:

Obama's sugar daddy: