MARCH 19, 2008

"And he that would palm the doctrine of unlimited passive obedience and non-resistance upon mankind... is not only a fool and a knave, but a rebel against common sense, as well as the laws of God, of Nature, and his Country" -- James Otis (1725-1783), The Rights of the British Colonies, 1764


Regardless of what the media says, Obama's speech was not great.  When distilled down to the basics of what he said it was 100% pure socialism:

Hillary's records to be released:

Pastor Wright is a proponent of "black liberation theology."  It would be wise to know what that is:

Marine arrested for saving flag from protestors:

Some good ideas:

A clip from Saudi TV:

Children, thieves, and politicians:

Minorities have higher dropout and lower graduation rates.  ACLU sues:,0,1293751.story

Wright is wrong.  A black man comments:

Candidates have attitudes that they know what is best for you better than you do:


Automated mechanical pack mule:

Some thoughts on Obama's speech:

If Supreme Court can gut the 2nd Amendment, what about the other amendments?  Is that dangerous?:

John McCain is Right: Iran has been aiding al Qaeda in Iraq:

Contrary to what liberals say, Iraqis themselves say life is better:

An end to OPEC?: