MARCH 27, 2008

“It is truly unfortunate that those engaged in public affairs so rarely make notes of transactions passing within their knowledge. Hence history becomes fable instead of fact. The great outlines may be true, but the incidents and coloring are according to the faith or fancy of the writer.” -- Thomas Jefferson, Letter to William Wirt, August 14, 1814


Church bulletin of Obama's church published terror manifesto written by the Hamas terror organization: 

The Social Security ponzi scheme:

Are the Clintons liars?  The record:

".... we felt it wasn’t appropriate in our public school."  WHAT?????:

Detroit; after years and years of extremely liberal government:

Sniper fire in Bosnia (with picture):

Dick Morris in Hillary's "mis-statements:"

Fat increases dementia:,0,4882004.story?track=mostviewed-storylevel

Medicare and Social Security in trouble:

"Zero tolerance" at work:

Higher taxes means lower revenue.  Another example of the things liberals don't understand:,CST-NWS-water26.article

Our economy is
NOT in shambles:

$500,000 of your tax money for a teapot museum in NC (nope, I'm not kidding):

Are you discouraged?:

Tax data:

This deal still stinks:

The largest underground welfare state:

PETA recruiting children:

Global warming NOT the cause of melting of Antarctica ice sheet:

Students being indoctrinated with global warming propaganda: