MARCH 28, 2008

"How devoutly is it to be wished, then, that the public opinion of the United States should be enlightened; that it should attach itself to their governments as delineated in the great charters, derived not from the usurped power of kings, but from the legitimate authority of the people; and that it should guarantee, with a holy zeal, these political scriptures from every attempt to add to or diminish from them." -- James Madison, National Gazette, January 19, 1792


Our President - the real man the mainstream media will never tell you about::

We are spending $400,000,000,000/yr on debt interest:

Dingbat Ohio liberals want to sue Limbaugh for suggesting crossover voting (which is what they did to give us McCain):

Finally, concrete proof of terrorists being trained in Saddam's Iraq:

An annotated treatise on the concept of "equality of opportunity":

Oklahoma lawmaker's comments on homosexuality result in tens of thousands of vile and vulgar responses and death threats:

Florida Democrat proposes the elimination of the Electoral College (which would place ALL voting power in the populous states and cities; which, not surprisingly, are Democrat strongholds):

Deporting incarcerated illegal aliens saves resources (well DUH!!!):

Rhode Island moves to combat illegal immigration:

Internet Co. Suspends Web Site for Film Critical of Islam:

"The Day Will Come When We Will Rule America":

Islamic extremism - its history and what it plans for you (take a deep breath - its gory in parts and very unsettling)  See the "Fitna" movie here:

See also the trailer for the movie "Obsession":

Government policies that have contributed to the breakdown of the family:

Some cities shorten yellow light sequence to create more revenue from traffic cameras:

University study reports that Democrats embolden our enemy (well Duh!):

The anti-war left - nailed:

Politics vs reality: