MAY 2, 2008

"Where is the man who owes nothing to the land in which he lives?  Whatever that land may be, he owes to it the most precious thing possessed by man, the morality of his actions and the love of virtue." -- Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778), Emile (or) On Education, 1762


Roseanne Barr calls for Chicago style riots at Democrat convention in Denver:

Jeremiah Wright public statements some of the most racist heard in the last 50 years:

Liberals don't like to hear such things but government tax revenue is hitting all-time records:

College professor establishes "Government is Good" web site:

Good idea?:

Astrological phenomena - interesting:

And now a word from the global warming proponents:

Obama says public tired of hearing about Jeremiah Wright controversy.  WRONG!:

Let me see now, when you keep trying the same thing and expecting different results.......:

In the past Iran has threatened to obliterate Israel and the USA.... but when the show is on the other foot:

Implementing the Environmentalists recommendations is sometimes disastrous:

Slowing down works for airliners too:

Outgoing leftist Italian government publishes tax info on all Italians:

Raising the cost of gasoline:

Dock workers respect May Day (a traditional communist holiday):

Congress blames farmers for higher food prices - errrr, excuse me isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black?:

Another member of "The View" cast tattles:

Texas man tries to cash personal check for $360,000,000,000.  It bounces (ya think?):;_ylt=AtLchfhB.Q.0wnIhOS8jxxGs

The 9/11 conspiracy "truther" therorists - their "truth" keeps changing:

Classy respectful Liberals. NOT!:

No more apologies:

Remembering Slim Whitman:

From Iraq - The smile and sparkling eyes say it all:

The Liberals are dead wrong and intellectually dishonest on this subject because it is the economics of the marketplace that has made the decision.  Indeed, lots and lots of radio stations owned by liberals carry the Rush Limbaugh show.  Why?  Because it is very profitable to do so:

A global warming proposal so full of factual errors it amounts to nothing more than ranting and demagoguery:

Mortgage crisis?  Nope!  Not even close.  Have a look at the numbers:

Economy is still growing (barely), and IS NOT receding:

An incrediblly expensive proposal to insure NE Seabord homes for people who will not insure themselves:

US/Mexico border articles:

58% say Obama wasn't sincere:

WOW!  Now clean your ears (eyes) out with this: