MAY 5, 2008

"There are two distinct species of popularity; the one excited by merit, the other by resentment." -- Thomas Paine (1737-1809), Rights of Man I, 1791

Comment : The democrat candidates are again proposing a "windfall profits" tax on the supposed "excess and undeserved" profits of the oil companies.  The next time you hear them say that just remember that those profits go to (1) buying new crude supplies, (2) new exploration and drilling, (3) paying $27 in taxes for every $10 they make in profits, (4) day to day operating expenses, including wages, salaries and retirement benefits, (5) distributions to shareholders (including the majority that goes to investment and retirement funds).   Now just which of those do Hillary and Barack think should be cut?


Pelosi seems to have adopted a single answer to all problems.... more spending:

Obama's economic insanity:

The Tax Foundation on windfall profits:

Blue collar Hillary?:

Academic hypocrites - Mike Adams right on target:!_you_are_about_to_enter_a_gun_free_zone

The idea of "politically correct" has no place in a free society, but the liberals still use it in an attempt to silence and censure any and all opposition:

No opposition allowed:

The Church of Liberalism:

Border nuttiness:

Orson Scott Card on Obama:

Clinton Library won't release documents Berger stole from Library of Congress:

Was this an act of war?:

News, pics, and commentary you will never see in the liberal media:

Time magazine slaps vets with eco-hogwash:

Obama will not separate himself from Bill Ayers.  Says what Ayers did was 40 years ago.  Oh really?  Here's Ayers in 2001 trampling an American flag: