MAY 8, 2008

Where liberalism has brought us:

Clinton and Obama likely to continue drilling ban:

"Want our vote?  Show us your money.":

Liberals lack ideological rationalizations:,2933,354424,00.html

Liberal Mayor and School Superintendent scare illegals by falsely reporting ICE roundups of school children:

Great Britain raises classification of marijuana to a class B drug:

State of Maryland to Muslims, "islamic laws don't apply here:",0,4609441.story

Phony "global warming" reporting in the media:

Global warming proponents plan to increase your cost of living by over $10,000/yr:

"Cap and Trade" proposals (trading carbon credits) don't require reduction of pollutants because they would allow buying permits to pollute from businesses with low pollution emissions.  The result?  Same pollution emissions totals.  Just more costs of doing business while those who run the trading floors for trading pollution credits get rich.  Very, very, very, rich; at the cost of adding over $10,000/yr to the annual cost of living expenses to the average American family:

Europeans and many Asian countries already have much faster and better internet access, and less expensive too, while we are still mired in things like this:

The energy fiasco.  Looking back and remembering:

Did you know that because the USA hasn't built a new refinery in over 30 years that we are now importing not just crude oil, but also refined gasoline?:

When liberal environmentalists run free:

Obama promises less oversight of Teamsters in return for their support:

Obama promises tax reforms that are the equivalent of an IRS tax audit.... every year:

The New York Times gets it wrong.... again:

A review of the Clinton and Obama proposals for gasoline price relief: