JULY 26, 2008

"It should be your care, therefore, and mine, to elevate the minds of our children and exalt their courage; to accelerate and animate their industry and activity; to excite in them an habitual contempt of meanness, abhorrence of injustice and inhumanity, and an ambition to excel in every capacity, faculty, and virtue. If we suffer their minds to grovel and creep in infancy, they will grovel all their lives. --  John Adams (1735-1826), Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law, 1765

(Are we not seeing today exactly what Adams admonition warned us about?)


The Democrats have an answer:  Yesterday, while driving through Macon, Georgia, I was listening to a local radio station, when a Democrat political ad aired.  Among other things it said that the Democrats would provide solutions to all our energy problems and that among those would be perpetual motion devices.  Hallelujah!  They've done it!  The Democrats have found a way to violate the very laws of nature and the laws of physics by giving us things that produce more energy than they consume.  Unfortunately, I suspect that among those that hear that ad there are some graduates of our government education system that will believe it.

Where the carbon credit movement is headed (at the bottom of the first link note particularly the personal comments by those who see no problem with violating individual rights in all this.  Folk, this is dangerous.  If government can do this then cannot it also tell you where to live, and require you to live there?  This is the very essence of a communist state:

The Democrats say they are for doing things that will solve our energy problems.  Oh, really?  Have a look at their record at this US government web site where votes on that issue have been recorded.  Begin reading at "Selected Energy Votes" about half way down the page:  http://epw.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=Issues.View&Issue_id=a1bba1df-802a-23ad-41dc-fba7561766d2

On the page referenced by the previous link there are lots of other links leading to interesting information relating to the energy issue.  Copy some and send them to you liberal friends.

How much of the land in your state is owned by the federal government?:  http://strangemaps.wordpress.com/2008/06/17/291-federal-lands-in-the-us/

State governments are NOT subordinate to the federal government:  http://www.cato.org/pubs/regulation/reg20n1h.html

Pentagon told Obama campaign he was welcome to visit wounded US troops as a US Senator, but NOT as a political campaign candidate, therefore no photographers or reporters (that has been DOD policy for at least 50 years).  That's when the Obama campaign dropped the idea of visiting the troops, AND, it says everything about Obama's caring about the troops, doesn't it?  It was all a campaign stunt from the beginning:  http://www.elpasotimes.com/politics/ci_9998450

For your consideration:  https://www.wirelessamberalerts.org/index.jsp

Used Gulfstream G550 for sale.  Price: $60,000,000 (http://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft-for-sale/GULFSTREAM-G550/2005-GULFSTREAM-G550/1110645.htm).  Yesterday I visited Gulfstream Aviation in Savannah, Georgia, and found out they are running 24 hours a day trying to keep up with new orders.  I have been unable to find out the price on the new model.  That's why I posted the price of an older used one.  Anyway, Gulfstream already has confirmed orders for 100 of its new model.  That has to be at least $6-billion worth of orders.  Somehow it just doesn't fit with the doomsayers description of our economy does it?

Is the media biased?  Welllllll.............:  http://www.ibdeditorials.com/IBDArticles.aspx?id=301702713742569

There seems to be a pattern there:  http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2008/07/24/will-media-report-concert-obamas-berlin-speech

Well, duuhhhh!:  http://moneynews.newsmax.com/streettalk/recession/2008/07/16/113395.html

So far the media and global warming people haven't mentioned this, have they?:  http://www.adn.com/life/story/473786.html

"Green" day care centers.  What next?:  http://fio360.com/index.php/green/

"Green" issues losing the public's interest:  http://www.portfolio.com/views/blogs/mixed-media/2008/07/24/green-issues-a-tough-sale-at-the-newsstand

When liberals run free:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1038301/Painter-given-30-fine-smoking-work--van.html

And he ventured forth: 

SF sanctuary city policy results in 3 murders:  http://bridgetdgms.wordpress.com/









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