AUGUST 6, 2008

"Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretense, raised in the United States." -- Noah Webster (1758-1843), An Examination of the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution, 1787

(And that, folks, is why we have the Second Amendment to our Constitution)


Last week Obama was against tapping the strategic Petroleum Reserve.  This week he is for it.  Hmmmm!:

(Video) - Do you remember me?:  (be sure and watch it in full screen mode):

Obama's statement about wanting to make the US an oil-free society is not an original idea.  It is from Europe..... from Sweden...... and it isn't exactly what it seems to be.  Gee, imagine that:

Obama's answer to high gasoline prices:

Islam is on our doorstep:

McCain is for private school vouchers.  Obama is against it, but sends his own kids to private school:

Obama campaign accepts illegal donations from overseas:

Obama campaign says they returned the donations.  Donors say they didn't:

Where NEA spends its money often has nothing to do with improving students education:

Obama's economic proposals seem to designed for political propaganda, not economic solutions.  Take the "end the age of oil" statement.  That's just not possible in the foreseeable future.  Maybe end the age of gasoline, but not oil.  We would still have the requirement for oils and greases as lubricants:

A few weeks ago a reporter asked Obama whether he ever had any doubts, He replied "never."  I don't know about you but to me that kind of arrogance indicates a lot of blind spots, or unwillingness to even listen to differing viewpoints:

Obama supporter says current gasoline prices are too low, we need $10/gal gasoline:

Pelosi says Republican proposals on energy won't solve problems.  When then challenged to allow voting to determine the outcome she said, "NO:"

Democrat leaders continue to block voting on energy issues:

Obama's energy proposals.  Realistic?  Hardly:

What Denver is trying to prevent during the Democratic Convention (hee hee):

Hey, stupid, it is not the oil companies.  IT IS GOVERNMENT:

Alaska sues over listing polar bear as threatened:

When liberals get control of government (A Must Read):

Anti-Jew and anti-semite bloggers flocking to Obama campaign web site:

Armed Mexican military invades US:

This is just plain wrong.  So very, very, wrong.  The only thing that seems to make any sense at all about this is that someone is being paid off big time:

Any way you cut it, or whatever you call it, it is still legalized unequal treatment:

The NEA identifies its its objectives:

Gore's new boat:

Don't let anyone ever tell you that the US stole any land from Mexico:

Bush visits Korea - anti rallies fizzle, pro rallies sizzle:

Why we must stand up and support our troops and what they are doing:

The left and their support for "thought crimes:"

How far are liberals willing to go to accommodate homosexuals?  In San Francisco the answer is absolutely no limits.  There is an "Up Your Alley" fair in SF every year in which sex acts of almost every kind are performed publicly in the streets of the city, with the city's approval of the fair, and no arrests for the sex acts committed in public.  You don't believe it?  Well, the link to follow will show you what goes on there.  Maybe it is time for the rest of us to start a movement to boycott SF as an acceptable venue for conventions and vacations. 
BE FOREWARNED!  The following link leads to photos of the most perverted homosexual acts committed in public.  The only word to describe most of these photos is "gross":
PS - maybe we should also boycott the businesses and corporations that support the event.
Just a thought in passing.  These are Nancy Pelosi's constituants.  That might explain a few things.

An extreme answer?  Yes!  But if we are to survive there may not be any alternative:

A message from Ronald Reagan:

Have we learned our lesson yet?:

Shining the spotlight on Pelosi:

Obama cites failed energy policy as example to follow:

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT - The liberals want to penalize "speculators."  There is only one problem with that thought.  From the biggest to the smallest every business decision that is made with the objective of making a profit means those making the decision to proceed are "speculators," and that any legislation addressing only "speculators" as such will apply to all businesses.  Just one more example of the uneducated liberals when it comes to things economic.

Equality under the law and equality of opportunity are good things, BUT, establishing equality of outcomes is not.  Let's use sports as an example.  Why bother participating if at the end of the game the scores are to be adjusted to provide an equal outcome?  It is that way in life too.  Why do I even have to bother to participate if I am going to be given an equal score?  Sound familiar?  Here's professor Walter Williams on the subject: 

When the 2nd Amendment is ignored:

Liberals regard the U.S. Constitution as, at best, a nuisance:

Obama for socialism (a must read):

National Taxpayers Union analyzes Obama's energy plan:

Border incidents:

High taxes chase businesses away (well, duhhh!):

The Best Obama Facts web site: