"No political dreamer was ever wild enough to think of breaking down the lines which separate the states, and of Compounding the American people into one common mass" -- John Marshall (1755-1835), McCulloch v. Maryland, 1819

(It is obvious that Justice Marshall never dreamed of modern day Liberals.  Right?)


Fatima Ali, Philadelphia columnist, predicts race war if Obama is not elected:

Obama campaign has received thousands of individual illegal contributions:

McCain's tax plan offers genuine help to average Americans:

Col. North reports from Afghanistan:,2933,409283,00.html

Liberal media goes for the gutter on Palin:

Why Sarah Palin scares the left:

Palin and Obama - a look at their resume's:

The sexist Democrats:

COMMENT:  read the next two links then ask yourself why U.S. companies and jobs are moving overseas.

Other nations are lowering their tax rates on businesses to make themselves more competitive; and are succeeding.  The U.S. is not, and Liberals are campaigning on even higher taxes on our businesses:

Some U.S. states tax their businesses more than some nations:

Obama has repeatedly promised his audiences to see that "economic justice is served."  Sounds like a phrase from Marx or Engels, doesn't it?:

Obama's plans sure look a lot like Communism:

How low can the liberal media go?  Unbelievable:

The book of Invesco:

Son of Communist mentor Saul Alinsky says Obama learned his lessons well:

Weapons and other devices seized from anti Republican anarchists in Minneapolis:

Accomplishments of the Obama-Rezko alliance:

Obama, arugula, $600 earrings, and the American middle class:

Women's abuse shelters sometimes not what they seem to be:

How some children see their military parents:

Two stories about John McCain:

Uh oh!:,2933,415442,00.html

Massive ice gain in the Arctic:

Could this be why they are so liberal?:

Homosexual Congressman Barney Frank says Palin's family is fair game:


Are you unhappy with the way many things are going in the USA?  If you are then let your elected representatives hear from you.  Our nation is a "representative republic."  In other words a nation where our legislators are supposed to represent your wishes, but, if you don't let them hear from you how are they supposed to know what things concern you?  Generally liberals are more group oriented than are conservatives, and tend to be more activist in nature.  That's why things in our country have been becoming more and more liberal in nature, even though conservatives outnumber the liberals.  Remember, our nation only works as our founders designed it to work if the citizens participate in its operation.

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