OCTOBER 24, 2008

"Nothing but harmony, honesty, industry, and frugality are necessary to make us a great and happy people." -- George Washington, (1732-1799), To Marquis de Lafayette, January 29, 1789


You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
You cannot help small men by tearing down big men.
You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.
You cannot help the poor man by destroying the rich.
You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than your income.
You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
You cannot establish security on borrowed money.
You cannot build character and courage by taking away men's initiative and independence.
You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they can and should do for themselves.

-- Rev. William John Henry Boetcker, 1873

Comment:  Ba-rack is gonna make us ba-roke!


Liberals cite these as examples of racism:  http://www.reuters.com/article/vcCandidateFeed7/idUSN2237709920081023

..... While they say nothing about incidents like this (even though it sounds a little fishy):  http://www.thepittsburghchannel.com/news/17789356/detail.html

..... and make unbelievable comments about the young lady: http://forums.ibsys.com/viewmessages.cfm?sitekey=pit&Forum=182&Topic=18950

Tax rates today vs 25 years ago:
                                                            1980    2006
Highest Federal Income Tax Rate        70%     35%
Share of Taxes Paid by Top 5%           37%     60%
Share of Taxes Paid by Top 25%         73%     86%
Share of Taxes Paid by Bottom 50%      7%       3%

Tear jerker:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CBXyHbW4ig

How the Democrats created the financial crisis:  http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601039&refer=columnist_hassett&sid=aSKSoiNbnQY0

ACORN worker explains how he registered thousands of nonexistent voters:  http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/10/22/voter.fraud/index.html#cnnSTCVideo

Voters afraid of Obama's tax plans:  http://www.cdfe.org/center-projects/taxes-and-spending/obama-tax-plan-a-loser

Yippeeee!:  http://michellemalkin.com/2008/10/23/breaking-new-poll-shows-russell-over-murtha-48-35/

Of course..... it has been a typical Democrat campaign tactic for over 40 years:  http://thehill.com/campaign-2008/gop-lawmaker-not-backing-off-suffer-comment-2008-10-23.html

But, where's their concern for the rest of us?:  http://thehill.com/leading-the-news/staffers-sign-petition-protesting-cafeteria-price-hikes-2008-10-23.html

Arizona's Illegal Hire Sham:  http://townhall.com/columnists/TomTancredo/2008/10/23/arizonas_illegal_hire_sham?page=2

 Property rights with liberals at the controls:  http://www.cdfe.org/center-projects/property-rights/carloscerna

Dems still blocking offshore drilling:  http://www.aei.org/publications/filter.all,pubID.28463/pub_detail.asp

The ethanol sham.  Ethanol from grain results in a net energy loss.  Ethanol from sugar cane results in a net energy gain and that's why Brazil uses cane ethanol and is energy independent.  EPA refuses to cancel or modify the grain ethanol mandate:

Why the liberal's proposals to ban fossil fuels CANNOT work (at least not yet):  http://www.cdfe.org/uploads/File/EnergyReality.pdf

Obama's plans to have the government take over privately owned land:  http://www.cdfe.org/center-projects/your-contributions/new-park-threats

The article immediately above was taken from Obama's web site and because it generated so much negative publicity it was deleted: 


COMMENT - The Fair Tax:  First, it abolishes the Income Tax.  Opponents of the Fair Tax most often say it would increase the cost of everything you buy by 23%.  That's both true and false.  That's true because it is a tax on sales.  It is false because it removes the existing 22% tax that is embedded in everything we buy today, prior to adding a 23% sales tax.  The net change to the consumer is zero.  The benefit comes about because it ties government revenue to retail sales, and that means that in order for the politicians to get more revenue to play with they would have to do whatever is necessary to improve economic conditions for the consuming public.  No more income tax.  No more "earmarks."  No more "social engineering" through the tax code.  Nice idea(s) huh?  Isn't it about time?

The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do nothing for him.

By that yardstick Barack Obama is an utter failure.

Obama campaign cited for accepting illegal contributions:  http://www.theconservativevoice.com/article/34698.html

Scarlett the car passes away:  http://www.theconservativevoice.com/article/34666.html

WHAT???  Bailing out foreclosed homes at $933,333 per home:  http://westernfrontamerica.com/2008/10/06/hear/

Barney Frank submits The Fairness in Securing Wealth through Perversion Opportunities Act of 2008:  http://newsblaze.com/story/20081022082330lill.nb/topstory.html

New book, 'The Audacity of Deceit: Barack Obama's War on American Values,' is outselling new books by Obama and Michael Moore:  http://www.theconservativevoice.com/article/34574.html

The once great Democrat Party:  http://archive.patriotpost.us/pub/08-43_Digest/

Home sells on eBay for $1.75:  http://www.shns.com/shns/g_index2.cfm?action=detail&pk=CHEAPHOUSE-10-02-08

Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed our Declaration of Independence?:  http://www.usd218.org/pages/uploaded_files/Declaration%20of%20Independence%20signers.pdf

I Do Not Choose To Be A Common Man -- Dean Alfange

It is my right to be uncommon...if I can; I seek opportunity...not security.

I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the state look after me.

I want to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed.

I refuse to barter incentive for a dole.

I prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence; the thrill of fulfillment to the stole calm of utopia.

I will not trade freedom for beneficence nor my dignity for a handout.

I will never cower before any master nor bend to any threat.

It is my heritage to stand erect, proud, and unafraid; to think and act for myself; enjoy the benefits of my creations and to face the world boldly and say,

"This I have done, and this is what it means to be an American."















Are you unhappy with the way many things are going in the USA?  If you are then let your elected representatives hear from you.  Our nation is a "representative republic."  In other words a nation where our legislators are supposed to represent your wishes, but, if you don't let them hear from you how are they supposed to know what things concern you?  Generally liberals are more group oriented than are conservatives, and tend to be more activist in nature.  That's why things in our country have been becoming more and more liberal in nature, even though conservatives outnumber the liberals.  Remember, our nation only works as our founders designed it to work if the citizens participate in its operation.

Contact your elected officials (enter your zip code in the upper right corner):  http://www.congress.org/congressorg/home/

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