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MARCH 4, 2009

"Were a man to be totally deprived of memory, he would be incapable of forming any just opinion; every thing about him would seem a chaos: he would have even his own history to ask from every one; and by not knowing how the world went in his absence, he would be at a loss to know how it ought to go on when he recovered, or rather, returned to it again. In like manner, though in a less degree, a too great inattention to past occurrences retards and bewilders our judgment in everything; while, on the contrary, by comparing what is past with what is present, we frequently hit on the true character of both, and become wise with very little trouble." -- Thomas Paine (1737-1809), The Crisis, 1777

(An admonition that warns us to know our history)

COMMENTARY:  Last week Congress passed a stimulus bill that had buried in it 9000 earmarks costing billions and billions of dollars.  Isn't it time we demand our legislators pass rules, laws, and procedures, that would outlaw earmarks in any form?  That way all spending bills would have to stand on their own and be exposed to the light of day, instead of hiding within the body of a more worthy and needed spending legislation.  Earmarks in any form must be outlawed........ completely and totally!!!

Some applicable Chinese philosophy that can be found today in today's political scene:

So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will fight without danger in battles. If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose. If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself. -- Sun Tzu

Therefore one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the most skillful. Seizing the enemy without fighting is the most skillful.
-- Sun Tzu

Besiege Wèi to rescue Zhào (Thirty Six Strategies - 2)
When the enemy is too strong to be attacked directly, then attack something he holds dear. Know that he cannot be superior in all things. Somewhere there is a gap in the armor, a weakness that can be attacked instead.

Kill with a borrowed knife (Thirty Six Strategies - 3)
Attack using the strength of another (in a situation where using one's own strength is not favourable). Trick an ally into attacking him, bribe an official to turn traitor, or use the enemy's own strength against him.

"We must not belittle the saying in the book of Sun Wu Tzu, the great military expert of ancient China, 'Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a thousand battles without disaster.'" -
- Mao Tse-Tung

"White cat, black cat, as long as it catches mice."
-- Deng Xiaoping

Sounds exactly like today's liberals, doesn't it?


A tax code based on "fairness?"  Uh oh!  Who gets to decide what is and isn't fair?:

The new health plan idea - tax workers who have employer sponsored health plans to pay for those who don't have health care insurance:

What now?:

You bet I do:

More government insanity:

Still more government insanity:

Many formerly US companied have moved overseas to avoid the 2nd highest business taxes in the world, which were imposed by the Democrats.  The Democrat answer?:

The Obama "war on prosperity:"

Senate refuses to delete even one earmark:

Next bailout?  Government retirement funds (note: so far not one government employee has lost their job):

Obama's plans to tax energy will increase the cost of living on even our most poor:

Predicting the future:

Obama lied - the economy died:

Jeeeez - Obama votive candles:

Obama Administration's goals coincide with those of the Communist Party USA:

Stimulus programs DO NOT WORK.  Never have! :

UN considering binding resolution to make it illegal to criticize religion, in particular, Islam:

Every Democrat in the Senate votes to suppress free speech:

Another tax cheat nominee:,0,6919389.story?track=rss

Liberal racism on display:

Dreaming dog:


Are you unhappy with the way many things are going in the USA?  If you are then let your elected representatives hear from you.  Our nation is a "representative republic."  In other words a nation where our legislators are supposed to represent your wishes, but, if you don't let them hear from you how are they supposed to know what things concern you?  Generally liberals are more group oriented than are conservatives, and tend to be more activist in nature. That's why things in our country have been becoming more and more liberal in nature, even though conservatives outnumber the liberals.  Remember, our nation only works as our founders designed it to work if the citizens participate in its operation.

Contact your elected officials (enter your zip code in the upper right corner):

You can leave a message for your Congressman by calling  the Congressional Switchboard toll free at: 1-866-340-9281

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