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OCTOBER 26, 2009

To upset you!  To anger you!
To show you enough of the abuses of liberalism that you will get involved.
To encourage you to contact your elected representatives and object.
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"Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river." ~ Nikita Khrushchev

"By gnawing through a dike, even a rat may drown a nation."  - Edmond Burke

"The free man will ask neither what his country can do for him nor what he can do for his country." – Milton Friedman

The people must also be self-assertive. They must have the spirit of the old Revolutionary War flag: "Don't tread on me!" They must be vigilant against those, at home or abroad, in or out of government, who might wish to trample on their rights. They must be courageous and manly, with a sense of honor, so that in hard times they will stand up and fight, and not slink away slavishly so as to avoid trouble and danger.

Thomas G. West and Douglas A. Jeffrey, The Rise & Decline of Constitutional Government in America

The most important moral of all is that excellence is where you find it. I would extend this generalization to cover not just higher education but all education from vocational high school to graduate school. We must learn to honor excellence, indeed to demand it in every socially accepted human activity, however humble that activity, and to scorn shoddiness, however exalted the activity. An excellent plumber is infinitely more admirable than an incompetent philosopher. The society which scorns excellence in plumbing because plumbing is a humble activity and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because philosophy is an exalted activity will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy. Neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water. --- John William Gardner (1912 - )


There is something fishy about this whole health care issue. Very, very fishy. Why is the Obama Administration doing all the things it has been to get the public to accept their proposals when they just mandated the changes they wanted in other industries? By appointing a Czar they just imposed the changes they wanted on the automobile industry. By appointing a Czar they just imposed the changes they wanted on the banking industry. By appointing a Czar they just imposed the changes they wanted on the investment industry.

Why haven't they just appointed Czars for the Health Care and Health Insurance industries????? It is inconsistant with their past behavior and hints that there is something going on with this issue that hasn't yet seen the light of day. It stinks and it is just one more reason to oppose Obama's health care and health insurance proposals.

G T Baker


QUESTION: What can the electorate do to send an unmistakeable message to the politicians that corruption and malfeasance in government is unacceptable, and the fact that they have been involved in it, contributing to it, or have been silent about it is also unacceptable?

The strongest message the electorate can send is to to throw them ALL out of office. Don't re-elect anybody. Yes, that would mean throwing out a few good Congressmen along with the trash. BUT, in a situation like the one we have today the message that we, the electorate, are the masters, is much, much more important to convey to the political community than is the retention of a few good Congressmen.! THEY MUST GO! THEY MUST ALL GO!!!

G T Baker


No! No! No! No! No! At the beginning of the 2nd paragrapg the author says, "Remember, inflation is running close to zero, or 0.8%." INFLATION IS NOT RISING PRICES. It is inflation of the money supply and it occurs when the government prints or obligates more money that it collects in taxes or revenues. Specifically it is (economics textbook definition), "an increase in the amount of money in circulation without a corresponding increase in the amount of goods and services produced or provided." Only the government can cause inflation because only the government can control the amount of money in circulation. Inflation has been running close to 100%, not 0.8%:

An eternal truth:

Liberals are like children:

Liberals are like The Bourbons:

Liberals are like bores:

Why liberals fail:

Committed Liberals are clininicly insane:

White males need not apply:

What caused our economic problems?:

More true than ever:

The lies and the truth:

Government run health care and insurance. Examples right here at home in Maine, Massachusetts, and Tennessee. In all three cases costs are up and services are being cut:

On the average health insurance companies not very profitable:

It just gets worse.... and worse.... and worse:,_heart_valves?page=full#

You can now be charged with a crime for your thoughts if they do not coincide with what the Democrats think is acceptable. They got this law passed by attaching it as an earmark to the necessary military spending bill:

Pelosi promises public option government health care:


Seems like the Obama Administration doesn't agree with Lincoln.
Rather, they seem to have adopted the philosophy of:



Are you unhappy with the way many things are going in the USA?  If you are then let your elected representatives hear from you.  Our nation is a "representative republic."  In other words a nation where our legislators are supposed to represent your wishes, but, if you don't let them hear from you how are they supposed to know what things concern you?  Generally liberals are more group oriented than are conservatives, and tend to be more activist in nature. That's why things in our country have been becoming more and more liberal in nature, even though conservatives outnumber the liberals.  Remember, our nation only works as our founders designed it to work if the citizens participate in its operation.

Contact your elected officials (enter your zip code in the upper right corner):

You can leave a message for your Congressman by calling  the Congressional Switchboard toll free at: 1-866-340-9281

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